Our Mission/Our Vision



  To produce ethical software hardware networking and management professionals who have the

       professional base of knowledge to meet the challenges posed by a dynamic global bussiness


  To generate new Knowledge by engaging in cutting edge research and promote academic excellence.

  To generate the emerging concepts and practices of science and technology in all relevant aspect of

        human development.

  To indentified national and international need areas of specialization and focus on their growth. 

  To develop the institution with a global perspective to provide opportunities to network with other

       institutions accross the borders.

  To emphasize especially value oriented and aim at total personality development.

  To identify young people with professional and entrepreneurial aspirations, talent and 

        determination and trigger them off to become excellent leaders in their chosen pursuits, 

        by imparting knowledge and developing in them, skills, insights, abilities, healthy habits and right


  To give students new thoughts, new visions, new ambitions & equip them for accepting new 

        challenges of the emerging global environment.

  To assist students to discover their potentialities that they get the highest goal for the life

        & professional career & achieve them.

  Thus, to a center of excellence in value oriented, socially and nationally relevant education

        by synthesizing ethos and modern techniques, we want to be flexible enough adapt to the changes 

        and needs. We shall remain and maninfaim our striving towards excellence. We have set our ethos

        and are propelled by the rules of quality, universal Values and needs of the time.


  To be recognised as an innovation leader n professional software hardware networking and 

        managment education and to become one of the primary institute of excellence in education.

  we want our students to be socially conscious balanced, disciplined, compassionate, responsible 

        and happy human beings first and then, inspiring leaders . We want to transform students in a 

        way so that they should be able to manage the resources with vision and concern the word success

        with progress.

  Learner - centered.

  Accessible,convenient and portable.

  Reponsive to students needs.

  Accomodating to students schedules.

  Interactive among students,faculty and staff.

  Acdemically stimulating and challenging.

  Replicating the same high quality for education and support service as in the conventional on

        center environment. 

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